Real Estate Commission Rates Explained

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Gastonia NC Realtor Explains Commission Rates For Home Buyers and Home Sellers!

Have you ever heard someone say that a 6 percent commission rate to sell your home is a “Standard?”

Unfortunately, a lot of Real Estate Professionals will try and tell potential clients that 6 percent is a standard. Well, I have great news for you! It’s not a standard, and to even say it’s a standard is illegal!

The Seller is typically always in charge of paying for the Realtor Commissions. Not The Buyer! As a home buyer, there is no reason not to have a Realtor representing your best interests because the seller is paying for it!


Being with multiple firms from the bigger corporate firm to the smaller “local boutique” real estate firm. The smaller firms give their real estate agents much more flexibility with what they are “Allowed” to do. 

Some of the bigger firms will not allow their Realtors to list a home below 6 percent. It’s not an industry-standard though. Being a larger firm you have much more overhead costs which almost forces them to require 6 percent commissions on listing their clients’ home.

All Realtors or Real Estate Agents Offer Different Services!

The services I offer my clients will differ from other Realtors and most of the services Realtors can offer depends on the Real Estate Firm they are with and the commission split they have with that Firm. Many larger firms typically tend to take more of that agent’s commission which limits the services that Realtor can offer!

This is why it’s important to interview multiple Realtors before choosing one to list your home. When I go on a Listing Appointment, I want to get to know the homeowners as much as I can. I’m interviewing you as much as you are interviewing me. 

Sneaky Realtors and What To Watch For

Unfortunately, there are a TON of Realtors who only care about themselves. They see every transaction as dollar signs and not an opportunity to develop new relationships. Many Realtors will do whatever they can do to try and get the full commission agreed upon from the beginning. If you signed a listing agreement for a 6 percent commission to list your home. If that agent brings a buyer and wants to represent both of your best interests….. is that possible? To me, it’s unethical, impossible, and unfair. 

There are a lot of Realtors who would rather make the entire commission instead of ensuring their client(s) best interests properly represented. It always makes me cringe when I hear someone say they used the same Realtor who had the home listed. This is why. If you are being sued by someone, are you going to hire the same attorney that someone is using? Make sure you find your own representation and your own Realtor!

Services I Offer My Clients

My job as a Realtor is to use my real estate experience and knowledge to inform you of all the facts and numbers. Every decision is YOURS to make. I only advise on the pros and cons of each decision you are faced with. I offer many valuable services that are not offered by others! I’m very flexible with what I can do for my clients. At the end of the day, a happy client equals a happy Realtor!

Relationships in real estate are what separates a lot of Realtors and Good Realtors. I believe it’s my duty to know and have great relationships with other local service providers that could potentially be an asset to a client. You never know what different types of services you will end up using during a transaction. From Lenders, Contractors, Handymen, Attorneys, Insurance, Home Inspectors, HVAC Techs, etc, etc. It’s crucial to have a network and team of business partners who can all work together to make the entire process much easier!

Services I Offer to Seller Clients

– Seller Consultation

– Developing an Action Plan and Taking Care of Issues Before Putting Home on the Market

– Staging Help to Make Your Home Attract as Many Buyers as Possible

– Professional Marketing Pictures that HELP YOUR HOME SELL!

– Marketing Your Home On All Digital Platforms and Websites Reaching The Most Potential Buyers Possible

– Advising You Throughout the Entire Process and Taking All Stress Off Your Shoulders

– Being an Honest, Reliable, Knowledgable Professional Realtor Who is Protects Your Best Interests

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