Gastonia Realtor 2019 Excellence in Client Service

Client Appreciation Google and homesnap award

Homesnap and Google 2019 Excellence in Client Service Award

I’m typically not to the type of person in my professional career to get caught up in personal achievement awards. I always set goals which critical in business, but my intentions are never to receive my achievement awards.

A Selfless Realtor?

I could care less about “Most Sales” or anything similar. I think Selflessness is a tremendous outlook and personality to have as a Realtor. The reason this award/ trophy is a special one to me is that is what it clearly states in my eyes. 

Excellence In Client Service is making this award about my clients, which is how it should always be. To be recognized by Google and Homesnap, which is the only home search tool that is partnered with our MLS. It Puts a Big Smile on My Face! The most important thing to me in my profession is the relationship I develop with my clients by offering the service that is above and beyond. 

My Quick Thoughts

There is a business quote that I love that states, “Offer Your Clients SO MUCH Value That They Feel as If They are Underpaying You!” I always aim to develop LONG lasting relationships with my clients and end up doing repeat business with them, family, and friends!

Businesses that are centered around valuing their clients, taking tons of pride in your excellence in customer service, and always doing everything possible to go above and beyond is how my business operates. There is nothing better than doing business with repeat a repeat client!

Taylor Pelzel Wilcox Real Estate