For Small Businessowners, Coronavirus Survival is Amongst Us

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Most Charlotte Realtors are Back to the Drawing Board

If they aren’t….. They are planning to fail! I’m not an economist but I’m pretty good at reading numbers and being able to tell you an outcome. This one is not good. Though for many, it’s a huge opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, the Coronavirus Outbreak is causing complete havoc on our GLOBAL economy. United States citizens are The first thing I will say because I called it. Getting this “stimulus” money out “in a couple of days”…that was an absolute joke. I used to work for the postal service I know how bureaucracies work!

Bank of America Has Had 117,000 Applications Put in Already

Those 117,000 small businesses account for 10 percent of the total amount of money Congress allocated. That’s wild! Ninety-nine percent of actual businesses are small businesses. That’s another mind-blowing fact! The banks that were “too big to fail” got their bailout. Now, these banks and the federal government need to make sure the people get their bailout.